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Post  D.L_King_D3ath on Sun Apr 27, 2008 8:23 pm

Anominer History Start Before 2.700 Years.
Era 1 Part 1(2700-1400 BC)

One group, of poor villagers, starts to build a small village in the center of a very rich land.
They civilization grow fast,population, production,military,and many many others, soon their village become town, and town city.
After a long time of peace. Their huge city of Anominer kingdom,starts to have enemys, Orcs, Undeads, Goblins, other humans, And Demons...
After many losses at the north,south,west,and east. Anominer kingdom Lives in the center of their lands.
Their enemys was outside of the city, and villages, Big troops of orcs was planing to strike against the greatest city of the southern world(Anominer City)
For that the king starts to recruit Army and Heroes.

Era 1 Part 2(1399-500 BC)

Under Development.
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Head Adminstrator - Anominer Emperor - Anominer Holy Archpriest

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