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Want to be an Anominer Editor? Empty Want to be an Anominer Editor?

Post  D.L_King_D3ath on Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:55 pm

We are currently looking for people who know to edit maps,

What we want :

1) Some more quest for each faction
2)Some new Triggering spells with cool effect
3)Some ideas on what to changes on heroes/items/creeps/quests
4)More items, and more bosses
5)Dialog system(By pressing Esc, to open a new window with commands)

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Want to be an Anominer Editor? Empty items , sets , colours and more info

Post  ZEALOTt on Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:25 am

i played this Rpg and it has lots of lacks...but i thing it can be one of the best in W3^^
i would like to help, first of all by adding items.
-items could be made in some groups (common, rare,set,uniqe) , i know its common thing but it realy gets things easer. each group has difrens color name and its treasure chest has same color. common-white rare-green and so on.
-lets say that normal ring+1hp/sec its a common( u can upgrrade it-good, and u got ring+2hp/sec-common) next u have to find a scrool (drop only) to upgrade it to rare ring+3hp/sec+4str (for exemple) or +4int with diffrent scroll
-set items...suck, the best is that +27armor set and u can get 6 of em...
-sets should be more diffrent from each other and full set should give some extra stats and spell or small aura
-there should be allowed one full set for hero( u could have one full set and parts of second one, but not 2 full sets(same with swords, only one allowed [i dont know how to do this trigger])
-u shouldnt be allowed to buy all set. lets say u can buy 1 scroll and 2 others have to be drop only in bosses
-set items should be named: "Chain Mail Boots Part 1/3" so u know how many parts are there
-there shold ba a special Set Gem to combine set parts, u could buy it for 1000gold or more(so it want be easy to have good items), or could be drop only(boss)
-new Raid Set, scrools are drops from raid bosses( btw. raid bosses could have lots of spells and aura, like summon spell to have more adds, and second they should be in locked place, like Vamp- if he goes down the hill ,he is automaticly teleported to the place he was +full hp, so u cant pull him somewere.
-new swords-drop only
-new scrolls to upgrade drop only items-u can buy them in shop(hidden one?)
-new scrolls of upgrading-combining-drop only, u combine ring-lvl2 and armor-lvl2, and u got armor with a spell/aura, or ring+sword=sword with small critick
-some realy uniqe items from highes raid bosses with drop 0.1% ^^ and some lesser uniqe with 1%
-an item for destroing enemy base in BG, kind of honor item (coul be upgraded with a scroll-drop...2xhonor item+ set gem+scroll= nice good trinket.
-some common items should drop from band leaders, like centaur leader,naga,chaos orcs
thats some ideas of mine for items changes, i can create items,sets and more...
give me a message.
im better in inventing things that typing them into triggers(i could add some units/spells)

some other changes i found out.
-add some range enemis to meal ones-naga(or some spell maker enemies), same in BG,make some range/spell units and even leaders coming with aura each tenth wave(so each wave is diffrent) same with range/spell units-can help here
-each group leader(centaur leader,naga,chaos orcs) could have aura/spell-can help here
-make BG longer, so there can be some middle towers to fight for( or u can buy them for gold), towers could have spells(chain lightening, fire wall, so player can deffend more effectivly)- to do that , move BG to left down side of the map, and in up right u can have place for some 20+ quests for orcs. (it shouldnt be a problem to move towers and regions)-can help in addid new units/towres
-new raid bosses like hydra(hero boss-it gets exp->stats by killing player hero) with some trigger like each time hydra is attack it creates 4 adds near, trigger repeats every 30sec. -can help here
-at BG spawns should stop after destroing base.
-new raid place, with some hard fights before main boss, could be better drop rate there-can help here.
-bosses should restore full hp if not attacking for 30sec, so u cant do them in 20 waves ^^
-make the price of the books of agi/str/int bigger , like 2000g or more( lets say that in each game u get gold only from quests/item sell
i think its around 4000g per game. so if u packet with items u should be able to buy 1-2 book not 15. the price should be higher) or u should delete books at all.
-some special gems for high upgrades should cost 10000g. eg. u loot a upgrade scroll (5% rate)from high raid boss, it says scrool+sword(raid drop)+Diamong Gem(10000g-20000g), so u need to do raid few times to get sword and scroll and u need to save money(not buying books/ or do all quests many times to get enought gold) u just force player to play the game^^

thats for beginning.
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Want to be an Anominer Editor? Empty Re: Want to be an Anominer Editor?

Post  lesanthosxia on Thu May 01, 2008 1:16 pm

I don't have technical skills to provide with, but I do have ideas. ZEALOTt mention quite some good points there too btw.



-special potions, e.g. one that increase certain regeneration dramatically for brief period, increase stats for short time, provides beneficial buffs temporarily, can be made available either by making them, or by making from shop ingredients.
-Armor sets is nice, and have decent bonuses, but yeah, more different parts for higher level armor sets can be dropped from bosses or raid bosses.
-Weapon recipes might be good if there's a variety of lower level to higher level weapons. Similar to armors.
-Red gem spawning time seems to be rather long. I notice that when i buy it.

Item wise, ZEALOTt made loads of suggestion, and they're good.

Classes, or Heroes:

Since there is 1 extra empty slots in most heroes' action bar, I suggest that you can either:
1) Make certain boss drop Class-specific epic skill book that allows players to learn an Epic skill from it.
2) When hero level reach a certain level, hero will auto acquire this epic skill. This had been practiced in quite some RPG, so I would prefer the other choice.

Anyway, for such epic skills, e.g. for Dariog the Tauren Lord, it can be like:
Skill Name: Combat Mastery
Skill type: Passive
Description: Dariog experiences close combat so often that he had became the master of it. After so much injuries at combat, his defense eventually had became almost fortified, and his attack grows so powerful that he could damage nearby enemies along with his target.
Effect: Passively increase Dariog's power by an amount equals to half of his level, give him a chance to evade enemy attacks which is equals to half of his level, increase his armor by 0.5 per level of Dariog, and Dariog's attack causes a cleaving effect to nearby enemies that splashes 40% of his damage.

For Sylvanas the Ranger:
Skill Name: Strafe
Skill type: Active, cost 180 mana, have a 120 sec cool down. Last up to 40 seconds.
Description: Sylvanas learn to channel her concentration into an amazing increment in her attack speed, causing her arrows landing on her foes as if it's raindrops. Anyone that was forced to take on Sylvanas' overpowering attack speed found difficult to manage their defense, which deteriorates their own defense and eventually these victim found themselves die in Sylvanas' arrows.
Effect: Allows Sylvanas' attack speed increase by 4% per level she possesses, for up to 0.5 sec per level, and upon activating this skill, she loses 5% accuracy which cause her to miss 5% of the time. However, due to Sylvanas' overpowering attack speed, her current target will suffers an armor reduction of up to 20, depending on Sylvanas' level.

For Jelix the Assassin:
Skill Name: Backstab
Skill type: Passive. Active only when Jelix is not in front of his target.
Description: The art of assassination speaks no honor, and thus Jelix grows attached to the combat style that causes deadly blows to his victim... from where his victim cannot see.
Effect: Jelix's attack causes additional Backstab damage that equals to his Speed multiply by up to 40, depending on his Speed stats. Backstab may have up to 20% chance of causing bleed efffect, which causes his victim to suffer damage equals to twice of Jelix's level for 6 sec.

More ideas on hero ability, if you want.

Oh yeah, and Orc heroes choices seems to be one less than human heroes...


-Some quest can be involves opposing faction, like one of the Orc's quest. Maybe you can make a quest that is to assasinate an opposing hero, whether in BG or in normal area. Quest reward can be honor points, experience, and gold.

-Or it can be quest involves of escorting. I understand this one is a little hard, but if it can be done, it'll really be great. Escort quest had always been rare in custom RPG of Warcraft 3, so it'll make Anominer be more unique from most of other RPG present.

-Repeatable quest that gives random rewards. It can be a few repeatable quest that gives either a random ingredient, random recipe, or random weapons/armors along with god and experience rewards.

-BG related quest, such as aiding the orcs to destroying 2 guard towers, or so. Rewards can either be specific, or maybe honor points.

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Want to be an Anominer Editor? Empty Re: Want to be an Anominer Editor?

Post  eltsoldier on Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:10 pm

im not a pro editor but i can give some good ideas that im sure youll like and use im on USEAST same name on wc3 as here

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Want to be an Anominer Editor? Empty Re: Want to be an Anominer Editor?

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